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Pete Ceglinski
Seabin Project

Episode 32

Seabin Project | Pete Ceglinksi is cleaning our oceans and waterways with simple design and powerful education

From these very humble beginnings you can now find Seabins right across the world, hard at work in cleaning our waterways.

But what we love about the Seabin Project, is that it’s not just that it’s cleaning up our waterways. Along the way the team realised that what truly needs to change to keep our oceans clean is Education. So they’re actively getting about educating children and corporations alike on how to keep the junk out of the waterways in the first place.

Pete is a really cool guy. The second you meet him you can tell that he’s the real deal. He’s not in this for fame or fortune, he’s just genuinely trying to make a positive impact on the world.

The day that we sat down to record this interview with Pete, the Seabin Project had literally just launched their Public for Purpose campaign. This is a equity crowdfunding campaign where they hope to engage their community to invest into the project, so that they can ramp up their impact.

Now to do this they could have just gone and got a handful of investors to input some big dollars. But instead, they set the minimum buy in to be just $250. Off air Pete spoke really passionately about the reason behind this, in that Seabin have a BIG mission, and they wanted to set a price where all of us could get involved, and the more the better, because as Pete pointed out, when you have everyday people invested in a project like this, they’re also more vocal and passionate about campaigning and grass-roots led change.

The Seabin can collect 90,000 shopping bags, 50,000 water bottles, 35,700 disposable cups and 117,647 plastic utensils. Plus cigarette butts, micro plastics and fibres.

— Pete Ceglinski, Seabin

Seabin Project | Pete Ceglinski


Mentioned in conversation…

  • The story of Seabin, what it aims to catch and achieve

  • Pollution in general and a look at our perception on ‘plastics.’

  • The business model, the hurdles and challenges the project has faced along the way.

  • The Seabin Foundation and further plans for future projects.

  • The world media and how Seabin got noticed in the early days from 11,000 views – to 168 million.

  • What’s next for this small but mighty business.


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