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Diana Scott
Frontier Pets

Episode 45

Frontier Pets | Dog food on a mission to end factory farming

Diana Scott is an absolute dynamite! She’s on a mission to end animal Factory farming in Australia, and she’s doing it through pet food.

Diana Scott founded Frontier Pets 5 years ago out of a passion for animal welfare and wellbeing. It all started when one day Diana looked at the food she was feeding her own pets and was shocked by the lack of quality in the ingredients, how it had been sourced and the lack of nutritional value.

Since its launch Frontier Pets is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. They currently have a customer base of over 8,000 and are growing at a staggering 10-20% per month.

The pet world is a HUGE industry at approximately $4 billion dollar industry in Australian, Diana and her team aim to gain 1% market share by 2023. Frontier hopes by staying true to their core values, ethical products and sustainable approach they’ll meet this target. Especially as more Australians discover that the Australian pet food industry is playing a BIG part in propping up the Factory Farming industry in Australia.

To say this episode was an eye opener for us was an understatement.  So if you’ve got a pet that you feed each day OR you’re interested in discovering more about the pet industry and how it plays a part in supporting horrible Animal Factory Farming, then this episode is for you. 

I’m part of that brand, but it’s not about me and it’s not about Frontier Pets, it’s about the thousands and thousands of customers that we have that are supporting ethical farming, that they have made a decision and they’re part of a community.

— Diana Scott, Frontier Pets

Frontier Pets | Diana Scott


Mentioned in conversation…

  • Frontier Pets vision to end Factory Farming

  • The importance of feeding your pets a biologically appropriate raw food, and how Frontier Pets makes this easy for pet owners

  • Frontier Pets partnership with Australian farmers and their contribution to Agribusiness

  • Frontier Pets’ customers desire to be a part of this movement for change


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