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Pru Chapman
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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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Blak Wattle Coaching & Consulting
Caroline Kell

Episode 83

Aboriginal Wisdom For Modern Times with Caroline Kell

Caroline Kell is a proud Mbarbrum woman. A former Counsellor with over 7 years’ experience working alongside Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities to drive outcomes in truth telling, treaty, health, and mental health reforms. 

She is the Founder of Blak Wattle Coaching and Consulting a 100 per cent Indigenous owned agency. She coaches and mentors First Nations leaders and business owners to feel safe in the workplace, as well as delivering thought provoking workshops and addresses, which include the power of stories and narrative approaches to build empathetic teams, Aboriginal social emotional wellbeing principles and understanding Burnout from a First Nations perspective.

Prior to commencing Blak Wattle, Caroline played a key leadership role in: Helping to oversee first of its kind Treaty discussions in Australia, Playing an integral role in the Victorian Aboriginal COVID-19 response, and Overseeing the development of Balit Durn Durn, Victorian Aboriginal Communities’ response to the Mental Health Royal Commission.

Caroline oversees Blak Wattle Coaching and Consulting’s day-to-day operations, stakeholder engagement, masterclasses, and coaching. She is a bold and conscious trauma informed leader, facilitator, and thinker.

Never forget our knowledge systems, the strength of your people and where you come from. You have 80,000 years of intergenerational love and Blak excellence running through your veins.” 

Caroline Kell, Black Wattle Coaching & Consulting

Caroline Kell | Blak Wattle Coaching & Consulting


Mentioned in conversation…

  • Caroline’s personal story that delves into her Matriarchal lineage, showcasing both its strength and setbacks, which have shaped her identity and resilience.
  • Burnout, and its prevalence within Aboriginal communities, due to the complexities of modern life while honoring cultural roots.
  • A holistic approach addressing mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects, leading to personal transformation and healing.
  • Empowering others, through her business Blak Wattle Coaching & Consulting combining traditional wisdom with contemporary practices to create safe, healthy, and connected communities.


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