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Breathwork & Cold Exposure
Benjamin Berry

Episode 73

Benjamin Berry | The power of breathwork and cold exposure in personal healing

Benny’s professional career has been dedicated to assisting the community in times of need. His experience as an Ocean Lifeguard, Underground Search & Rescue Team Leader, and Firefighter has put him face-to-face with some of the most challenging circumstances a human can encounter. After struggling with chronic pain, Benny turned his attention inward to focus on his own well-being. This shift in focus led him to unexpected personal growth and discovery, ultimately paving the way for a career shift into the realm of health.

Through injury, Benny not only found the power to take his physical health into his own hands, but the ability to connect with the essence of what it is to be human. With breathwork and cold exposure guiding him, Benny’s life has broadened beyond the mundane motions of everyday living to discovering himself as a man with the power to be the best version of himself in life, work, as a husband and a father to his two girls.

Today, Benny is a fully accredited Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage and Cold Exposure Facilitator who works full-time delivering workshops based on these practices, along with a variety of other breathwork techniques that support mental, emotional, and physical health and fitness. His transformational Breath and Ice workshops have helped thousands of people, and they are accessible to anyone who can breathe.

A collection of bold and brave humans committed to the practice who come together weekly to plunge deep into the breath and ice at the crack of dawn.” 

— The Conscious Club by Benny Berry 

Benjamin Berry | Breathwork & Cold Immersion


Mentioned in conversation…

  • How chronic injury led Benny to a deeply personal journey of healing
  • The pitfalls in outsourcing your health to the ‘professionals’ 
  • The methodology of breathwork and it’s short and long term effects on the body
  • The role of cold exposure in reducing inflammation and fighting chronic disease


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