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Ārepa | Boosting brain health around the world

Ārepa is the world’s first brain drink. Backed by neuroscience, this brand is on a mission to boost brain health around the world.

Since launching in 2017, rising brainfood company Ārepa has grown to become Australasia’s most popular brain health drink. Backed by peer reviewed research, the mind-enhancing range of clinically tested brain drinks are now stocked in five countries as the company ramps up its mission to boost brain health around the world.

Ārepa’s formula spent five years being developed by a team of internationally renowned neuroscientists and universities around the world, with funding from Dementia Australia Research Foundation off the back of studies proving the drink’s beneficial long-term effects. 

Led by science and technology, the company now has a pipeline of clinical studies supporting the effects of its natural and potent ingredients and a presence in over 1,200 Australian retailers including Woolworths, Coles, Harris Farm, and IGA stores across all states.

“Everything we do – from the products we produce to the events we run to the information we share – we do with one aim in mind: to make brains work better.”

— Angus Brown, co-Founder Ārepa

Ārepa | Angus Brown & Zac Robinson 


Mentioned in conversation…

  • Ārepa’s Origins & Growth Strategy: Tracing the brain drink’s journey from inception to success.
  • Effective Brain Booster: Ārepa’s Active Ingredients: Unveiling the powerful cognitive blend within Ārepa.
  • Natural, Caffeine-Free Vision: Why founders opted for an all-natural formula without caffeine.
  • Science and Technology Synergy: Ārepa’s innovation fueled by cutting-edge research.
  • Short & Long-Term Effects: Understanding the cognitive impact of Ārepa’s compounds.


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