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What do you think is the number one limiting self belief that holds back entrepreneurial women from achieving the success they desire, according to a leading expert in mind training?


I am not good enough.


Insert – I am not qualified enough, this is not my industry, I don’t have enough skills, time, money, friends, influence, beauty, love, followers on social media, the right look, the right face, voice, personality – the list is ENDLESS.


Silke Herwald, Mind Trainer, works everyday in her Hypnotherapy & NLP Practice with high performance success coaching, with different manifestations of the same underlying issues that women experience in trying to achieve their goals.


She says that fear and the overwhelm we experience as a result, can lead us to more stress as we break the trust we have with ourselves, by feeling like a failure.


If we have a to do list in our brains which has 1023 tasks that we have to achieve this week in order to feel successful, we can go into overwhelm just thinking about all those things and even more when we don’t achieve them.


We start the “what ifs” and as our brains can not differentiate between real and perceived threats, we create self defeating stories which lead us to give up on the dreams we have, as we don’t feel like we have the tools to achieve them.


“We often overestimate what we can do in the next week and underestimate what we can achieve in the next five years,” Silke says.


Our minds have both conscious and unconscious processes, the unconscious mind is always taking in everything, {eeeek!} so what we think, say and do creates pathways in the brain that either help us achieve our goals or do not help, like, at all.


So how do we train our minds to dance with our fear and create empowering pathways that help us create the lives we DO want, instead of the ones we don’t?


Silke says the first step is, awareness.


Routine journaling helps us to measure ourselves in a way that builds trust with ourselves.


Being honest with ourselves about how much time we have to work on our business this week.


Setting goals which align with the time we ACTUALLY have, builds trust with ourselves, empowering us with feelings of success when we achieve them.


“Manage your own threshold of overwhelm by creating bite size pieces of the bigger pie,” Silke suggests.


If you are writing a book, a weekly task could be 100 or 1000 words, depending on your time, your comfortability with the task and what other commitments you have.


Often we set too many goals and have too many perceived priorities that we overwhelm our brains and then create self defeating narratives, stopping us from moving forward. For example, are you familiar with these ones?


“I always struggle with writing.” Silke would ask, “always?”

“I am not creative enough.” Silke’s response is, “Enough compared to what or who?”

“I should have finished this task last week, I can’t seem to get anything right.” Silke, “really, anything?”


“Just because you think something doesn’t mean its true, consistently challenge your thoughts in the above way and you’ll soon notice a difference!” says Silke.


The words we speak both internally to ourselves and to others – train our minds to seek that result.


It’s that simple.


If we spend time training our mind to focus on what we do want, we can start to feel the weight of unworthiness lift and see that “good enough” is available to us all – Right. Now.


It just takes the power of our own voice.


For more resources, tools and Silke’s blog go to



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