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An end of year interview with OC Maverick, Krista Jane Smith


Sometimes when I’m running along the esplanade at the beach, sweatin’ like a Chrissy day roast, dressed head to toe in fluoro and rockin’ out to my life-theme-song-of-the-moment {holding back on the air guitar solo as it may frighten fellow morning exercisers} –

I feel that flow that happens when you know you are running a race that sets your soul on fire.


You know that feeling I mean.


But…..then the ecstasy of the runner’s high ends.


And that extremely unhelpful voice in your head starts dishin’ out the naysayin……

Who are you kidding? You have 100 bazillion things you should have done this year and you DIDN’T – so don’t break out the piñata until you have hit on the 106 super important and absolutely unmovable goals you set yourself LAST year.


Sound familiar?


When it comes to the end of the year and we want to stop, crack out Grandma’s Port and reflect on our 2016 biz journey with a bowl of pav – where do we start? And how do we map out 2017 with focus, but in a way that helps us stay more in the runner’s high zone of genius?


OC Maverick, Intuitive Game Changer, Soulful Coach and Speaker with passion and purpose, Krista Jane Smith – has an amazing ability to deal with that unhelpful voice in your head.

Below she shares TOP 5 practical ways to reflect on 2016 and set up 2017 so your life-theme-song hits the high notes of your higher self and your biz.


“I don’t use the word ‘goals,’ I use the words ‘intention setting’ – it comes from getting clear on how you want to feel, then allowing the vision of how that manifests come to you – not that you can’t set goals, but you need to think that the answers are already out there that you are want to attract, rather than you are making it happen in the world externally,” Krista Jane Smith.



KJ’s Top 5 For January Intention Setting like a Soulful Boss:


  1. First before you set your intentions, put yourself in a place of gratitude and appreciation and this will create a feeling of abundance, rather than lack – like attracts like, this is the momentum already happening, we don’t want to set intentions based on what we haven’t done.


  1. Make a list of all the things that really lit you up this past year, what did your clients love, what made you feel the most on purpose, what created the most impact, what would you love to do? Come at it from feelings, rather than targets – what really felt good, powerful, in flow, connected?


  1. If you really focus on your feelings, then your thoughts and physiology change, for example if you think about something sad in the past, your body changes – so the key is to find the feeling you really want to create and dwell in that feeling – ask, what would my body feel like if I was feeling that worthy? How would my shoulders sit? Ask yourself, what would I do if time and money were not factors? Feel how that feels when you are experiencing it.


  1. Do your logistical analysis and business reflection as well, but use those first few days of January for the feelings, because feelings create everything – use them for your decision making!


  1. Ritual around it – you can journal – I personally like to go out into nature and ask myself the key questions, I also do a letting go process which is important for forgiveness to myself, no longer holding space for what isn’t and opening up a space for what is to come.



“The danger of following the model, is that everything is changing. If you actually want to lead in the game – you have to be the creator.”

KJ Pearly Wisdom 2016


More About Krista Jane

KJ spends her days inspiring, kicking butt and (gently) pushing people into lives of passion and purpose. She’s a gutsy intuitive and has a sneaky little way of highlighting your limiting beliefs and shifting them. She’s helped people quit their jobs, launch their own companies, release old pain, say goodbye to anxiety and live lives they love. Best of all?  She loves every second of it!  See more of her here >>


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