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3 Pinterest Pro-Tips to Transform Your Account into a Traffic Driving Tool

For years our trusty friend Pinterest has been there when we needed to plan a new space, find fun activities for the kids, or to research a new hairstyle 10 minutes before walking into the hairdressers.


WHO KNEW that Pinterest would one day actually be working for our business, as a high conversion search engine that would drive traffic to our website?!


Exit DIY boards, and enter ‘slick new marketing tool’, Pinterest has had an up level, and is a seriously exciting platform for business owners. Our incredible social maverick Zoë Weldon from Seekerloverdreamer has just thrown down an amazing three-part video training on ‘How to Pinterest, Like a BOSS’, specifically for our Hustlers Assembly members. She’s well and truly convinced us of the powers of Pinterest, and the urgency to get on this platform now, while it’s still emerging into the business scene.


To help our fellow business builders and wider Owners Collective crew get started with transitioning your Pinterest account to a marketing tool, we’ve dropped 3 take-aways from Zoë’s Power Pack below.


1. Pimp your profile pic

You thought you were doing the right thing uploading your business logo as your Pinterest profile pic, (hell it was even a high res version and you managed to get it centred) but it turns out that your brand identity you spent a decent amount of money on, aint quite right for a Pinterest profile pic. Rather than using your logo, find a high res, high-quality image of your face to upload instead.  The goal is for us to build relationships on Pinterest, so we want your account to be as personal and human as possible, hence an image of your face is going to be much more inviting than one of your logo. Taaa-daaa, an easy Pinterest hack, that will only take a couple of seconds to implement, but will see you relationship building up a storm while you’re not even online. 


2. Research and use your keywords

Pinterest is ALL about keywords. There are opportunities everywhere to strategically use keywords which will help you ‘get discovered’. From your bio, to your board names, board descriptions, and even right down to your individual pin descriptions, these all use keywords as a search tool. Spend some time searching key words on Pinterest to see what kind of content comes up, then use your findings to inform your keywords you use in and on your profile and content.


3. Analyse those analytics

If you’ve been pottering away on Pinterest for a while and want to take things to the next level, it’s time to stop stabbing in the dark with what you’re pinning and where you’re focussing your energy. Pinterest analytics gives you real stats on what’s working for you, from which of your boards are performing the best, to which pins are getting traction, and how many clicks you’re getting on all of the above. These are real-time, real-life insights into the impact you’re having on Pinterest, and the traffic you’re driving.

If there’s one over-arching thing Zoë really drummed home in her Power Pack, it’s that Pinterest really deserves some time and attention if you’re building or running a business. This is a really exciting platform that’s only just starting to gain momentum in the business space, and the time to jump on the bandwagon is NOW.


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