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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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7 Tips To Self Invest Like a Balanced BOSS.


Let me give it to you straight: if you’re neglecting your health, you’re neglecting your business, because as an entrepreneur you are your business.


Before you recoil from that statement thinking health is yet another overwhelming thing on the To Do list that you don’t have time for, I want you to know self care can be much easier to achieve than you think……


When we run our own show it’s easy to feel like the workload is endless (because it is!) and then convince ourselves we have to work ALL the time (that will never change the fact that the workload is endless by the way).


I know from experience how stressful this feels! In fact, I hear so many entrepreneurs say they work more and harder for themselves than they ever did working for someone else, and I’ve seen this drive many people and their dreams into the ground.


It’s that simple.


Which means, taking care of ourselves is not really a luxury, but a vital part of our business plan – because the costs of neglect are massive.


What does self- neglect cost you?


Just take a moment and think about how you show up in the world when you’re exhausted, run down and overwhelmed. I’m guessing you’re not so productive or creative, communication suffers and joy for life and what you’re doing starts to fade.


Think about the costs both personally and professionally. How much money have you lost from mistakes that came from an unclear mind? Or productivity decreased due to low energy? Or even income spent on health issues that came from stress? How does this impact your relationships, business and more?


If we start to look at health in this way, from the inside rather than the outside, it becomes less about how we look or perfection and more about how we feel and sustainability.

And when we make this perspective shift, taking care of ourselves gets a lot easier, more practical, joyful and the return on investment is huge.


Nobody’s ever got enough time.


I get it, we’re all time poor, especially as business owners.


That’s why I’m all about short, simple and effective practices that keep us healthy. Boom!


  1. Love Daily Habits.


Life is just an accumulation of days, so if you want to bring balance into your life, start with balancing your daily routine. Let go of figuring it all out and just figure out what balances and energises you right now. Approach every day this way and your life with change.


  1. Keepin’ it Super Simple.


Thinking you have to do an epic workout or hour meditation will be the fast track to overwhelm and convincing yourself you don’t have time. Instead, just commit to doing a 10 min walk or run, just one or two stretches and/or a short 10 min meditation in the moments between all your duties.


  1. Schedule it!


I bet your calendar is a fine orchestration of finding time for meetings and projects. You’ve got to do schedule the healthy habits that support you too. You’re worth it and your business depends on it! Couple your small daily habits with something you already do and it will trigger you to do them. For example, every time I sit down to check my email I take a big drink of water and three deep breaths with my eyes closed. It takes less than a minute but makes a massive difference in how I feel!


  1. Morning Movin’


Every morning move your body (even just for five minutes) before eating or rushing into the duties of the day. It will increase blood flow to the body and brain, help you think clearer and feel lighter. Lack of movement leads to stagnation, not just in our body but in all parts of our life. Commit to just 5 minutes!


  1. Sleep your way to success.


Sleep is not just about quantity but also about quality, and most busy people have to deal with less hours of sleep, so it’s really important to make sure you’re getting deep sleep rather than tossing, turning and overthinking all night. We need to trigger the rest response in the body at night so that our brain starts producing melatonin and shifts into the parasympathetic. Even if you have to work late some nights, doing a mediation before bed will give you a much more restful sleep and help you wake in the morning with energy. I recommend listening to a 10min Yoga Nidra meditation.


  1. Hydrate before yo’ caffeinate!


Hydration is vital for health, cognitive functioning, physical agility and strength as well as metabolism. Coffee is almost synonymous with love for many busy owners, and while it stokes our fire in many ways, it’s dehydrating nature also drains our energy. Try to keep a balance by always drinking a glass of water before your coffee and throughout the day.


  1. Focus on the GOOD fuel.


When it comes to eating, well we’re more likely to stick to it if we simply focus on bringing in more healthy food, rather than obsessing on depriving ourselves of the bad stuff. Simply focus on eating more veggies and whole foods and slowly but surely they’ll start to dominate your dinner plate and your cells will be singing and shining with vital energy.


Ready to take on your BIG dreams.


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