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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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She is the little ol’ Jersey girl who has not stolen the hearts of entrepreneurial women around the world.


We have willingly thrown them at her with such gusto, that it must be rainin’ some serious hot-blooded, beatin’, internal love makin’ organs, right down on her perfectly curled, luscious, flowing, brunette locks {seriously those curls don’t move in the wind people, her hair could have its own Youtube channel and it would rate}.


But what is it really, that makes the Marie Forleo global brand so damn alluring?


She does seem to. Have. It. All.

The package that is whole.

The kitten and the caboodle.

THE HAIR and an effortless, funny, personality that is so 2016 NYC Italian Oprah on Youtube.


But in truth, her massive success and the obsessive love we feel for her brand, is due to so much more than a “perfect” package. Because in 2016, sometimes having “it all” can actually go against you.


Social media loves the anti-hero now, the imperfect guru, the girl-next-door-in-our-real-life and not from our dream NYC apartment building, which looks like a cross between 90’s Friends and Carrie’s old place before she married Big, the first time.


So now instead of being “perfect,” we have to be “raw and real” and what we often end up feeling like is that we are completely imperfectly unreal and way too raw even for social media, as nobody wants to see us really first thing in the morning, just the “real” version after an hour of trying to find something to wear that conveys our authentic self. Except, we definitely do not have anything in our wardrobe that does that. So we better put that on the endless self improvement list, to find authentic clothes to convey our authentic selves for our authentic brands. Exhausted yet?




It is in times like these, having an authentic clothing crisis in the world of the raw and the real, that I find Marie TV does have the answers. Part of her genius is that she has already thought about this stuff that burns us deep inside, she has made an episode on it and you wanna bet, she has totally nailed it, put a big ol’ Jersey girl bow on it and shared the tweetable about it. Hell, she might even have interviewed a super famous and successful person on that EXACT topic that bugs you.


And that is where the true super power of the Marie Forleo brand lies.


She is in our heads. It is a little bit weird. But it’s also, brilliant.


She has an insight into herself which allows her to tap in to the bigger, wider world of issues that mess people up inside on a daily basis and then she finds engaging ways to talk about them openly, by “answering people’s questions” and then delivering some common sense talk, with some practical take-aways and BOOM! we feel like she is not only a telepath in our minds, but a trusted friend we can rely upon who speaks to us in an empathetic and kind way, that makes us feel loved.


Breakin’ it down on what we can do to create our own Forleo content phenomenon;


  1. Keep our brand and brand message consistent and easy to remember {please, we can all recite MF’s verbatim, you know it!}
  2. Always speak to our audience with nothing but respect and love.
  3. Keep it honest so our audience can connect with us.
  4. Marie’s message and her content is never for herself, she is a giver of the highest level and we too can create content focused on our audience’s deepest needs.



So, now we jump in the chat! Over to YOU GUYS. This week’s OC CHAT Question is –


What brands’ content are you in love with? Why? What do they do differently?


Drop in and share your thoughts with your fellow OC tribers on the blog, as we discuss the big and small ideas and how we entrepreneurs can understand the stuff that matters. Boom!

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