Christmas, it’s a time of giving, sharing, and eating far too much great food. We love that Christmas carves out time in our schedules to really stop and be with our families for no other reason than to celebrate and enjoy.


What Christmas also brings, is copious amounts of Christmas mince pies (YAY), and copious amounts of ‘stuff’ that gets gifted and consumed at Christmas (a lot less yay).


Over the years trends have moved towards the ‘more, more, more’ attitude at Christmas time. Interestingly this hasn’t necessarily lead to more happiness at all. More clutter, waste, spending, and stress around Christmas time has diluted the meaning of gift giving, and of the holiday season itself.


It’s all too easy to get caught up in this attitude, to lose sight of the purpose of Christmas, and to let it sap our energy and happiness at this time. Not to mention the damage that the ‘more’ attitude is doing to our environment.


We’re focussing on shifting our thinking to being much more purposeful about everything we do in our lives. From who we spend time with, to our daily activities, and the ‘things’ that fill our homes  and office spaces. We’re carrying this thinking over to our Christmas purchases this year, and damn it feels great.


Although we’d love to dedicate a week to baking cookies or making jam to give our neighbours, we also have businesses that unfortunately don’t run themselves (yet). Although our time is limited, we’re not letting that stop our conscious consuming and gifting mission. Instead we’re really consciously choosing who we exchange our money with this Christmas, and what we’re actually gifting people, not just the gift itself but the ongoing effects of that gift on that person’s life.


We’re asking ourselves two questions when purchasing this year:


1. Who is benefitting from this purchase I’m making?

We should be able to tell you the name of the person who’s benefiting financially from the purchase we’re making when buying gifts. If it’s a maker, business owner, artisan, author or artist – the answer is easy! If the answer lacks a human connection or involvement, it leaves some big questions around company structure, employee working conditions – i.e if you’re purchasing from K-Mart it’s going to be difficult to answer this question.


2. What is the energy I’m gifting this gift with?

Gift giving is not only a transfer of a physical product, it’s also an energy transfer as well. When a gift is given, you’re sending energy into someone’s life that is going to last much longer than that initial gift-giving moment. We figure that if we’re gifting something that’s well thought out for a specific person, that’s been carefully made with time and love, there’s going to be some seriously good vibes floating around not only that gift wherever it goes, but the ongoing relationship as well.


“Okay, okay enough of the theory, Christmas is approaching fast and I don’t have gifts yet!”


In general, we’re focussing on gifting things we already love ourselves.

You know that book you can’t put down and keep telling your friends they should read – yep we’re gifting that. The brand of moisturiser that makes you feel great, and look fab – also on the list. We figure that by gifting things we are already in love with ourselves, we’re much more conscious of our buying, and the impact and energy we’re creating in giving our gifts.


AND on supporting our family of businesses in our community.

Most business owners will have a tribe of fellow business owners, makers and creators, in their close-knit community. These are the people we reach out to in times of need, who we celebrate our wins with, and who are there when we need a hand – supporting these people and businesses with our purchases at Christmas time is a no brainer for us. We know who our purchase is supporting, and that this purchase is making a lasting impact on not just this person, but also their family, and their business going forward.


Here’s a list of a few suppliers we will be supporting this year. We will be adding suggestions of a whole lot more (which we couldn’t fit into this blog because PHEW it’s got rather long rather quickly), over on our Instagram – so stay tuned over there for more suggestions in the coming weeks.


  • Beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery made from recycled beach glass, from Spindrift Collections.
  • Handmade treasures and plants (or shall we say friends) to brighten and purify our home/office, from The Plant Room.
  • Exotic finds from the mountains of Morrocco and around the world, sourced by Tigmi Trading.
  • Stunning, hand-crafted silverware created by the talented silversmith, Alison Jackson.
  • Sassy, stylish and sustainable clothing from Bon Label.
  • Turkish towels come change room for wild adventures with StokedNZ towelies.
  • Bright, colourful, and ethically made exercise clothing made by two talented Kiwi ladies from Zeenya.
  • Locally made and sourced goodies from Creative Finds.
  • Organic, minimalist skincare to nourish our faces, from Rubifresh.
  • Gorgeous planters and pots for our new house plants, from Urban Eden.
  • Treats and toys for our four-legged-furry-friends, from Woof N Wag.
  • ALL the Moroccan rugs and floor cushions from Nouvelle Nomad.
  • The gift of memories that will be cherished forever – photos by Elin Bandmann photography.