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On today’s blog we have pocket rocket Krista Jane giving her top tips on sleeping like a baby…or not…She’s got a toddler + a banging business so there’s no one more equipped to give out this advice!  Over to you KJ


A toddler laying sideways in your bed so he can have a hand on you and leg on dad is only cute for about an hour at 3 AM. Just about as sweet as staring at the ceiling reciting tomorrow’s to-do list.

I bet you’ve been there too, maybe not with a toddler flopping around like it’s an 80‘s dance party, but staring down the clock at 4 AM, your mind kicking into overdrive and your nervous system firing like you’ve just downed two lattes.

When you really need sleep because your job (and partner’s safety) depend on it, or simply because you dig being rested, here are 7 tips to help you drop more effortlessly into the rest zone. 

1. Take the pressure off by making it your intention to just rest, even if you can’t sleep. Tell yourself, “It’s OK that I’m not sleeping. I’m resting and my body is rejuvenating right now.”

2. Keep a notepad and a pen by your bed, before you go to sleep (or if you wake up) empty your brain and heart onto the page. Vent the day’s emotional build up – anger stress, worries, everything. If your brain is still busy, write a list and commit to addressing the items tomorrow. End with listing people and things you love – nothing like a little warm fuzzy to get your sleep buzz on!

3. Get up for a minute, go pee, drink a little water and stretch your body to give the excess energy a chance to escape. 

4. Do a round of tapping. You can use check out this ‘how to’ video. Don’t worry about the set up statements and finding the right words, just say something like “I can’t sleep, I’m so frustrated or worried because xxx and and I really need to sleep because xxx.” You won’t solve all your problems but your will feel your energy change and it could open the gate to Sleepyville again.

5. Meditate- groan. It’s so not what you want to do, there are a million excuses why you can’t, but I’m telling you even if it doesn’t put you to sleep it will change your brain waves and help you relax. I’ve got a couple of meditations you might dig over here. Or check out a yoga nidra, best sleep EVER! 

6. Breathe. Check! OK, you’re already doing it, but what if you directed your breath to help you slow down, to balance your nervous system, and to create a little bridge between you and the spirit world? I love this simple tool here.

7. I might have said 7 tips but I meant 16. #7 is my sneaky way of giving you more tips without overwhelming you


:   Have a regular bedtime

:   No screen time (not even your phone) for minimum of one hour before bedtime, and DO NOT look at your phone when you wake up through the night.

:   Use naps to fill the gap if you are spending a lot of time awake at night. It can help take the pressure off when you are trying to get back to sleep.

:   Use lavender on your pillow as a trigger for sleep.

:   Get a great bedtime ritual that really gives you a chance to wind down before bed. Think bath, low lights, calm music or reading. 

:   Exercise daily.

:   Remove all electrical devices from your bedroom.

AND, if you really can’t nod off, go to another room for a change of scenery and see if sleep finds you more easily in a new space. 

Still awake? I promise you will sleep again. It will happen. In the meantime be gentle with yourself. You’re doing your best and there is plenty of time for sleeping when you’re dead. 

Sleepy vibes to you



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Sleep well everyone X

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