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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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This week, we chatted to Uldouz Van Eenoo of The Mothers Den, an amazing woman – CEO, business coach, women’s advocate, mum, wife, daughter, sister, food lover and a spin instructor… wowsas! Uldouz spared a few moments to have a chat about how she helps entrepreneurs (who just happen to be mums) live their best life!

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OC: Where are you and what time is it?

At this exact moment, I’m at home in Sydney on the couch, under a blanket. It’s 11.16pm.


OC: Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I run The Mothers Den. We are a 10,000 strong community of business owners who are looking for a better way to have a fulfilling career after children. We run monthly events that focus on making great business content more accessible for women with kids. Since we started 18 months ago, we have hosted the likes of Mandi Gunsberger, Jack Delosa and Layne Beachley. We were the first business event series in the country to offer onsite childcare thanks to our brilliant event partners, Upswing, and as proud as I am about this, it’s also embarrassing that it took until 2016 to make it happen.

We also run small group coaching programs designed to give those in our community who are ready to own their ambition a space to do that in.


OC: It feels BIG, but what does the word “entrepreneur” mean to you?

Someone who has created success (as defined by them) by building something out of nothing.  


OC: You open your eyes, take a deep breath, what morning rituals do you have that get you movin to meet the sun?

I have three kids five and under so my ‘ideal world’ and ‘real world’ morning rituals don’t always see eye to eye. If I start the day with exercise I notice a massive difference to when I don’t. I’m more level headed, I make better decisions and I manage conflict and stress better. If I miss a workout and end up getting up with the kids, I’m already on the back-foot. Trying to get them packed and out the door while I’m still coming to terms with the day is not a great feeling.

My go-to exercise is spin, running and old-school strength training. I’ve been a spin instructor for 10 years and have some marathons/half marathons under my belt. I also worked as a PT for a brief period between leaving law and starting The Mothers Den so I feel very at home in the weights room pushing heavy stuff around.  


OC: WE ARE STALKING YOU {in a loving, not creepy way} – what will we see in your regular day to day?

Ha! What is regular anymore? A good day usually starts with exercise, a day with the kids (with a couple of hours of work snuck in there) and then serious office hours from 8pm until late.



OC: What’s the biggest brick wall you’ve scaled in business, and how did you do it?

Launching the Success Circle (The Mothers Den mastermind) was a massive block for me for the longest time. It’s terrifying to think that people are going to pay big money to have you help them with their business. They’re putting their trust in you and believe that you have the solution they’re looking for – pressure much?!

In the end I got sick of hearing myself talk about it and knew that I either had to do it or shut up about it. So I felt the fear and did it anyway. So much of that ‘who am I to blah blah blah’ is all tied up in ego. Once you take that out of it and get over yourself, it’s easier to just get on with it and do the best job you can. The Success Circle is now my favourite part of the business. It’s amazing watching people own their own space as a business owner and knowing that I facilitated that is some way is truly the best.  


OC: What’s your coffee religion and how do you worship?

I’m not a daily coffee drinker but if I do order, it’s always a soy latte.


OC: EPIC books + podcasts that have blown the matrix of your mind?

Book wise, Mastering The Rockerfeller Habits by Verne Harnish was a game changer for me in terms of getting me to think more strategically.

Chapter One by Daniel Flynn is also one that I try and get all my clients to read. The lessons in that around resilience, taking rejection and how an ordinary person can do extraordinary things are brilliant. I couldn’t read it fast enough.

With podcasts, there are so many great ones around but I subscribe to Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield and a new one by Rebekah Radice. I’m crushing on hers because it’s super practical advice and it’s only about 15 minutes long. Tick and tick.  


OC: Insta quote that has you stroking your white cat + planning world domination?

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink” – Gina Carey


OC: You get your very own misty, dream sequence in a movie of your life, where 3 people alive or dead come to you like the ghosts of the Christmas past, present, future – who makes the cut?

Queen Oprah, of course, Sarah Blakely and former High Court Justice Mary Gaudron QC.  


More on The Mothers Den 

Uldouz is the founder of The Mothers Den, a coaching and support community for entrepreneurs who also happen to be mothers. The Mothers Den acts as a safe space where they can come and learn, form connections and grow. 

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