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This week we go Behind The Hustle of The Honest Jones is the creative studio of Kristian & Amanda Jones, currently nestled in their seaside home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Amanda is a filmmaker, art director & dance floor enthusiast. Kristian is a music makerSEO magician & burrito activist. They are also the inventors of One Minute Film.

(Photo credit: the fabulous @alexcarlye)


OC: Where are you and what time is it?

Amanda + Kristian: its a Monday. our day off (oops) together and its 5.14pm


OC: What’s your elevator tweet?

Amanda + Kristian: We make One Minute Films for brands.


OC: You open your eyes, take a deep breath, what gets you movin’ to meet the sun?

Kristian: Coffee. I make a v60 at home, one for me and one for my girl.

Amanda: I usually wake up feeling like a truck is sitting on my face, so it takes a little while to get there…but finding tiny things to be grateful for is what makes my heart smile in the morning. It also helps that the sun actually meets me…our bedroom features a wall of glass that faces the direction of the sun rising over the ocean. yep.


OC: WE ARE STALKING YOU {in a loving, not creepy way} – what will we see across your socials and in your regular day to day?

Amanda: On @oneminutefilm you will get daily dose of ‘loops’ and moving colour disco fun. @thehonestjones is more behind the scenes, real life stuff of working creatively. And I have a third secret account…

Kristian: You won’t, I never post! You might occasionally find a link to an interesting article on twitter, which could be anything I find interesting…tech, politics, comics, society…whatever I’m reading at the time.


OC: What’s the biggest brick wall you’ve scaled in business, and how did you do it?

Amanda: Launching One Minute Film, but I did it all backwards! I thought I needed to have all the answers perfectly answered, and that if I didn’t launch a perfect product I had failed. I do it differently now. I listen to what is working and not working as a way to guide my business flow.

Kristian: Just stepping out and starting it. Starting it was tough, we financed everything ourselves. I worked 3 jobs so Amanda could focus on The Honest Jones full time.


OC: EPIC books + podcasts that have blown the matrix of your mind?

Kristian: “No such thing as a fish” podcast – not business related but super interesting facts about the world.

Amanda: “Share your work” by Austin Kleon is def mind matrix blowing, particularly if you struggle to post on socials.


OC: Insta quote that has you stroking your white cat + planning world domination?

Amanda: “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” – Tupac Shakur

(I was sent this quote this morning by my girl Tess because of some heartfelt rant I gave her about the importance of dreams, not sure if I fully agree but there’s definitely some truth!)

Kristian: “Accordion to my calculations, I have a 50% chance of starting this sentence with a musical instrument and not having you notice…”

It fooled me…twice.


OC: What’s your coffee religion and how do you worship?

Kristian: All hail the mighty filter! Currently anything from Mecca is what we are drinking at home.

Amanda: hahaha, this question! My favourite is of course hand made offerings from Mr Jones (preferably brought to me in bed yes please). We also love to spend our adventure Mondays hunting down the best crafted coffee in Sydney.


OC: You get your very own misty, dream sequence in a movie of your life, where 3 people alive or dead come to you like the ghosts of the Christmas past, present, future – who makes the cut?

Amanda: oH my golly wow… I want to hang out with Sofia Coppola and ask her like a million questions…also Solange Knowles and a director duo in LA I’m borderline obsessed with…

Kristian: Jules Verne, Marcus Aurelius and Howling Wolf


To learn more about The Jones’s and the incredible work they do head straight to The Honest Jones.


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