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Pru Chapman
OC Founder + Head Hustler

Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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This week, we got massively inspired by the creative work of silversmith extraordinaire, Alison Jackson. She shares her world of making and the passion she has for being in her workshop tinkering on a new jewellery, tableware and commissioned works. She is a special kind of entrepreneur, making products that are as stunning as they are innovative. So we loved hearing her talk all things living and doing!


OC: It’s a sexy word that FEELS BIG, but what does the new breed of “entrepreneur” really mean in your world?

AJ: A go-getter and a real do-er. Someone who isn’t afraid to look at things differently and mix things up!


OC: What’s your elevator tweet?

AJ: I’m a silversmith and I’m passionate about making.


OC: You open your eyes, take a deep breath, what gets you movin’ to meet the sun?

AJ: Coffee, Making + Gardening. Let’s be honest, my partner Dan makes great coffee every morning which gets me up and moving!

Tinkering, making and discovering in my workshop is what I love most.


OC: WE ARE STALKING YOU {in a loving, totes not creepy way} – what will we see?

AJ: Coffee + breakfast. – first thing, always.

I spend most days at the workshop. Everyday is different – sometimes I’m working on a big project that has lots of tiny parts to co-ordinate to make up a big deadline, or it might be chatting to a client about their custom piece, finishing pieces at the bench to post off to a customer.

I also teach jewellery classes two nights a week in the workshop and I like to squeeze in netball and yoga at some point in the week.

A bit of a juggle at times – but I love it!


OC: You’re a fictional character = who + why?

AJ: Dumbo. I love elephants and I’m a little bit goofy but I’m also determined.


OC: What’s the brick wall challenge you are scalin’ like a ninja right now?

AJ: Managing to grow by business and take on a staff member – it’s a huge learning curve but one that I’m loving. It’s also helping me to get more organized and on top of things, which is always a great thing!


I’m loving working with Pru and my High End Hustlers group, the accountability alone is really keeping me on track and not allowing me to talk myself out of deadlines. I still work alone a lot of the time, and I am far too good at procrastinating, so this course has really helped me with that! HEH is keeping me on track, super great for brainstorming ideas and generally helping me grow both personally, and in business. That is one giant leap I’m super proud I took.


OC: EPIC books + podcasts that have blown the matrix of your mind?

AJ: I’ve just started reading Starting with Why by Simon Sinek – highly recommended!

I love learning snippets and facts – I’m often too focused on my work to listen to podcasts at the workshop. But when I do, I learn things like there were inflatable tanks in WWII. Thank you 99% invisible, always interesting!


OC: What’s your coffee religion and how do you worship?

AJ: Flat white, first thing! If I have more, I’ll talk even faster, which isn’t really a good thing, I’m already at rocket speed.


OC: Insta quote that has you stroking your white cat + planning world domination?

AJ: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu.
I always remember this one, sometimes it’s hard to know which direction to take that step and know which is the right step. But the important thing is you just take a step, somewhere.


OC: You get your very own misty, dream sequence in a movie of your life, where 3 people alive or dead come to you like the ghosts of the Christmas past, present, future – who makes the cut?

AJ: Ilse Crawford – Designer

Ole Kirk Christiansen – Founder of Lego

David Clarke – Silversmith



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