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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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Have you ever seen those people, public speaking, on video, on social media, or even in real life – who just ooze self confidence like a giant magnet of sparkling boom-town charisma and thought – how do they do that?


Do they have a Kadashian-esque personal stylist? Have they discovered the fountain of eternal youth {ahem..cough..photoshop cough} Or are they born that way through a combination of genetic luck and parents who ate nothing but raw kale and organic turmeric lattes?


Mandy Hargreaves is an entrepreneur with the answers to these burning questions.


In her business, Finding Gorgeous, you would be mistaken for thinking she is, “just a personal stylist.” However, her work with brands is about more about radical personal growth than just, what is on trend.


What if you could feel 100% authentic and AMAZING in your style, anytime, anywhere?


What if you could upgrade the same old, “uniform” you wear?


What if you could feel like $100 million bucks, rock your most authentic, confident and sexy self, feel SUPER worthy and ready for that TED Talk or book cover?


And even – worthy of your own self-respect?


Mandy helps us re-think how we are showin’ up right now – and how to see one of those people we admire – in the mirror everyday.



  1. Share with us a little bit about who are, what you do and your BIG WHY?


My who is I am a mother of two crazy teenagers, married to the man of my dreams. What I do is create change. I help people activate self love and stand in their own self expression. In the big picture, this helps humanity as it helps lift both men and women. My big why is that I know that when people stand in their own self expression – we remove negative social conditioning and communicate our true selves to the world.



  1. What do you think holds business owners back from presenting their most confident, authentic selves through their brand?


For me, straight up, it is about programming and belief systems. We dress our internal state. When we dress ourselves only thinking about the roles we are taking on, rather than our real selves, we are not stepping into what we actually really are.


Often we think we should be something, or look a particular way, but actually we need to show up as our most authentic selves, not just a watered down version of ourselves.


How can we feel confident, when we are not feeling ourselves?


It is about how you feel, not how you look. For example, you can have an amazing outfit on and still not feel confident, even though you look the “right” way, or as you think you are expected to look.


If we create a small box of who we think we should be, this means that people only meet that version of ourselves. They miss out on what we are in full self expression, feeling 100% who we really are.



  1. How important are the clothes we wear and what role do they play in how we feel publicly and online?


First of all, the most powerful thing for us to understand, is that clothes create a space for us to step into. That is why they are important. We put an outfit together based on our belief systems and that either helps us be our most authentic selves or it does not.


What are the clothes that make you feel like YOU? If you are choosing clothes that make you feel like you are not enough, then you will never truly be your most confident and authentic self.


This is different for everybody!


An example is a lawyer I know, who always felt she had to wear suits. Then when she changed her values about her work and its meaning, she changed the way she wanted to front up in the world.


For her, wearing suits felt like she was hiding her true self. Now years later, she wears her own unique style and loves the variety she allows herself to dabble in so she can be fully self expressed.


She understands she is actually wearing a feeling, not an outfit.


  1. What PRACTICAL strategies can help us make peace with the mirror, feel AWESOME about ourselves and rock our brands on social media?

  • Understand better how to create “shape and balance,” and what styles work best for your body shape. Instead of covering up what you don’t like about yourself, choose clothes to express yourself in, that make you feel good first.
  • Take off the “uniform” you are wearing that is not working for you! You need a variety of styles so you can dress how you feel each day.
  • Value every purchase. What do you already own? We often buy without thinking or planning – you need a plan to buy clothes that will always work for you.
  • What is your pattern of shopping? Last minute? Hate doing it? Then you most likely have a wardrobe of clothes that show that! Change your pattern. Change your self.


  1. What is the most game changin’ advice you can offer new entrepreneurs starting to build a personal brand?


This is your journey. Own it. It’s not anyone else’s!


Your brand will evolve. You will evolve. Don’t think that you have to be one way forever. It’s not about ticking boxes and saying, “I’m done.”

If you give yourself a box, it will be hard to be authentic. If you give yourself a space, then you and your brand can evolve together.


Trust yourself. You are the expert on you.


Its not about you fitting in, its about finding what fits in with you.


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