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Pru Chapman
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Pru Chapman is the Founder + Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. Pru gets giddy supporting business owners to create meaningful, sustainable + profitable business. She loves nothing more than bulletproof coffee, her pooch Maverick, and an empty mountain hiking trail.

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Let’s face it, the ride of business ownership is filled with more highs and lows than the most death defying ride of any theme park. And at times it can feel just like that, death defying!  To combat this we’re constantly being bombarded with messages to ‘think big’, ‘stay positive’, ‘lean in’, and ‘dream out loud’.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m pulling together a cashflow forecast at 11.37pm on a Tuesday night staring down the barrel at the barren winter months, I need waaaaay more than a ‘life-changing affirmation’ hanging precariously on a post-it note from my laptop screen.

What I need is the firm and solid belief that there is more than enough and that my ability to receive opportunities is limitless (yes, I’m going all out here).

So given that I have a firm ‘no coffee after 12 noon’ rule, so my instant mood booster is out of the question – I need some realistic strategies for getting out of scarcity and into abundance mindset to make those cashflow projections look more like Disney, and less like the Tower of Terror.

So here are some practical strategies for a quick reboot to abundant thinking:


  1. Take a reality check

Stop for a moment and take a look around. The chances are that you’re completely surrounded by abundance right now. Someone smart once said that ‘you’ll find what you seek’, so make a committed effort to actually recognising all the ways you’re already abundant. It might first notice the fancy smart phone that you’re reading this on, the warm dry bed that you’ll be sleeping in tonight, your incredible team, or the simple fact that clean water comes straight out of your kitchen tap. Recognising the already existent abundance in all areas of your life will automatically rewire your brain to look for them more often. Commit to this daily, and soon enough, your whole world will become abundant.


  1. Recognise that Abundance is the Natural Way of Being

Big concept. Simple execution. Imagine a forest for a moment. It’s natural way of being is to flourish. Within it exists an abundance of tree’s, birds, moss, ants, and all varieties of creepy crawlies. What we sometimes forget as ‘penny-pinching business owners’ is that abundance is the au la natural way of being. And why should your business be any different? If we’re able to take our business blinkers off for just a moment and connect to the bigger picture, we’ll too be swept up into the abundance of all things.




  1. Meditate

If your mind can’t quite get there on it’s own, call in some help. No need to book in extensive psychotherapy sessions, simply plug in some guided abundance meditations. Some of my personal favourites include those from our very own OC Maverick Krista Jane, the 3 min nuggets of gold found in Omvana, and Light Sourcing by Rebecaca Campbell. These superstars will help reprogram your brain into abundance, and best of all – you don’t have to do anything (which is kind of the point).


  1. Dial in your big vision

If you’re not feeling particularly crash hot and your stuck in the swamp of scarcity, it’s likely that you’re thinking small. Time to shift that up. Give yourself the day off and get reconnected with why you started this thing in the first place. You’ve likely got big dreams, and a super exciting vision that have just momentarily slipped your mind (like that jacket you dropped off at the dry cleaners a few weeks ago). Go and do a bunch of your favourite things, get your body moving, and start dreaming away.


  1. Act ‘As if’

Aka, ‘fake it ’til you make it’. There’s some powerful things that happen on a conscious and sub-conscious level when you act the way that you want to feel. So ask yourself how it would feel to be wildly abundant. See the way that you would walk, talk, and connect with friends, family, clients and potential clients. Now act like that! This little mind hack takes about three seconds to implement and will immediately shift the way you show up in the world. And what you put out is exactly what you’ll get back.


Above all…

Know at the end of the day that it’s all going to be ok. Abundance is all in the mind, so open yourself to possibilities and watch them flood right on in.


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