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Designed to take you from desk-job zero to self-employed a hero, this FREE online program will give you the confidence and roadmap to kick start your own gig.

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A business community + social networking site like no other. You’ll immediately access templates, resources, and masterclasses, as well as a game-changing community.

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A comprehensive program for startups in their first 5 years. This is a no BS business course designed to give you the ultimate PEB: A Practical Education In Business.




An Elite Entrepreneurs Mentoring program designed for experienced business owners ready to grow their impact, their revenue, and themselves. Strictly limited numbers.

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Ambitious leaders and clever creatives who want to dial in to company culture, and inspire others to be more, do more and make a difference.



Ever dreamt of launching your own business, but have no idea where to start? This FREE online program is for you.

You’re ready to take the leap, but we get that you have no idea how – and trust us, you’re not alone. We understand that you’re still figuring out how this whole entrepreneurial world works, and you need help getting your awesome idea off the ground!

This is the ultimate guide to quitting your day job and kick-start you own game changing gig!



  • Game-changers with an awesome business idea. We know you’re ready to rumble, but you have no idea about all the moving parts of launching your own show. Time to park that overwhelm, because we’re going to dive deep and quick, giving it to you step by step to make sure that you have everything you need to launch with confidence.
  • Startups either getting ready to launch, or in their first two years of business. If you’ve been ‘winging it’ with no formal business training, this is going to give you a blueprint to make sure that you’ve covered all the bases and a whole bunch more. Quit the guessing game and dive right in


  • Phase 1. Successful Start Ups: Ever wanted to get the dirt on what it really takes to start up successfully? Hear from Tess Robinson of Smack Bang Designs and Seekerloverdreamer’s Zoë Weldon, to find out what they wish they’d known now, and how to know when to go all in.
  • Phase 2. Road Testing Your Idea:  In these dynamic sessions, we’ll jam on whether your idea will stick or stink. Does it have what it takes to launch you into the big league, or should you jump ship before it belly flops?  We’ll guide you through a simple yet powerful process to find out!
  • Phase 3. Your Business Blueprint:  A step by step on all the juice you need to launch your legendary biz. In this series of video’s we’ll go through who you need on your dream team, the ins and outs of your business registration, legal, financials, marketing and a whole lot more. This will save you weeks of fumbling around in the dark!


  • Your investment for this game-changing program: FREE


You’re a smart and savvy entrepreneur, doing your creative thing and rocking your jam. You’re brave and optimistic and filled with crazy, burning ideas.

You’re searching for the hard business skills, the hot marketing strategies and the fresh ideas without all the boring business stuff.

Hustlers Assembly is a Social Networking + Education Site like no other. It’s a community, a truck load of resources, a selection of Masterclasses – all refreshed on a monthly basis.

This is your place.


  • Ambitious Startups: If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of the game. You know that you can fast track your growth and success with the right people and the right knowledge around you. We’re going to save you a bunch of time (and money) by straight up showing you what to do – and more importantly what not to do!
  • Established Business Owners: We know how important it is to stay on trend and ahead of the game. With Hustlers Assembly you’ll have the latest strategies, a bunch of mavericks and mentors and the kind of cool community you always wish you had at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Product-based Business Mavens: We heard your pleas that the service industries were getting all the attention and you guys were feeling left out of the business building world. We’ve pumped the site full of awesome content just for you product peeps. Think visual marching, product photography, manufacturing tips, and … wait for it … pricing!
  • Service-based Business Mavericks: Build your brand, raise your profile, score new customers, increase awareness, boost your cash flow, create bigger impact – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a graphic designer, lawyer, massage therapist, coach or consultant, we want to show you the ins and outs of how to run a slick moving and professional show that reels your prospects in and keeps them there.


  • Monthly Masterclass: Supercharge your practical business skills by jamming with industry experts about topics that are hot off the press and right on point.
  • VIP Backstage Pass: We let you duck behind the stage and enter the entrepreneurial Green Room. Watch what really goes on behind the scenes in successful businesses and reveal what they’re doing right (and precisely how they’ve done it).
  • Live Q+A Sessions with our Experts: Enjoy superb industry expertise on speed dial with these juicy sessions where you’ll get the answers to all your burning business questions and more.
  • Essential Templates + Checklists: Do not reinvent the wheel, my friends. The wait is over ‘coz it’s here, all in one place. Your mega manual of resources to catapult you to productivity superstardom. We’re talking business and marketing plan templates and checklists, examples of alluring email sequences that makes people say ‘yes!’, brand and style guidelines, cheat sheets on how to collaborate like a pro and become a hot social media influencer that fans love to rave about (and buy from).
  • Your Very Own Profile Page: This is where you can pimp yourself and your business with your own special Profile in an exclusive Members Directory area designed to help you build your community and find your dream clients. You’ll be part of that little black book of creatives and business badasses for life.
  • Members Forum/Facebook Group: This is your creative brains trust on tap. Brainstorm and bounce ideas off your buddies in here. You’ll join a fun, supportive and game changing tribe, here to learn and grow with you in business and in life.


Jam packed resources, templates, checklists, community and know-how. All accessible instantly when you sign up.

  • Monthly: $37 USD
  • Yearly $347 USD


You’ve got a killer idea for your business. You’re finally ready to make the leap, make your mark – and make a profit.

Whether you’ve already started your entrepreneurial journey, or are getting ready to take the plunge, one thing’s for sure: this is way more than just a business to you.

Only problem? It’s not quite happening. Enter…Owners Collective Mastermind.


  • Early-Stage Entrepreneurs that are getting ready to launch, and throwing all of your ideas, hopes and dreams on the table.
  • In your first three years of business and want rockstar mentoring and connection to a like-minded community.
  • Experienced business owners looking to get up to speed on the latest way of thinking, creating and implementing in the modern marketplace.


Spearheaded by OC Founder, Pru Chapman, you’ll receive a combination of trailblazing content, group coaching, and community support. PLUS the insights of our guest experts and industry leaders. 

You’ll learn the essential strategies you need to get your foundations right to propel your business growth. It’s everything you missed at ‘business school’, and so much more. We cover:

  • Module 1.  The Entrepreneur’s Mindset
    Know why most small businesses fail within the first two years? Because they never create the right internal environment for success. That’s why we’re lasering in on your entrepreneurial mindset to dial in your purpose, find your sweet spot, and get the essential foundations ready for your success.
  • Module 2. Business Planning + Branding
    Getting targeted and specific about your brand and business plan at this early stage of your development can save you a whole lot of hassle down the road. We’re going to ensure that you’ve got clarity and certainty on exactly who your business serves, what you stand for, and how you make it happen.
  • Module 3. Marketing –Telling Your Story
    To connect with your customers, you’ve got to draw them in to your story. You’ve got to get smart and savvy about marketing. Lots of business owners get flustered when it comes to stepping into the spotlight, but we’re going to break it right down and blast away the fear. We’ll dig deep into relationship based marketing, and the key social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Module 4. Sales – It’s not a Dirty Word
    To make money, you’ve gotta make the sale – there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. So many people feel sleazy and awkward whenever they have to ask the big question, but it doesn’t need to be that way. We’ll teach you how to have authentic sales conversations, as well as the key numbers in your business and how to grow them.
  • Module 5. Disruptive Leadership + Audacious Culture
    The new age of entrepreneurship is here. To ensure that you’re at the forefront and not left behind, it’s important to get serious about disrupting the status quo and blazing your own trail. We’ll cover not only the essential internal structures you need in your business, but also the modern way of leadership.


  • The complete 5 Module package – including game-changing course content, group coaching calls, all material and resources, exclusive membership to our Facebook family and up-close-and-personal insights from our guest experts – is only $897 USD (Early Bird)


An Elite Entrepreneurs Intensive designed for experienced business owners ready to grow their impact, their revenue, and themselves. If you want a dedicated wolf pack, cool connections and million dollar plus sales, this is your zone.

Think: Intimate group. High Accountability. Big Impact. Epic Results.


  • Experienced Entrepreneurs ready to take it to the next level.

You’ve done a lot of the hard yards. You’ve made it through the start-up years and you’re making it work – you know your target market, your offering, your personal style and you’re earning six figure revenues.

Now you want some serious growth and the chance to collaborate with the best in the business. AND you want to do it in a way that feels real and authentic.


  • Six months worth of game-changing education. Delivered online you’ll receive training video’s, workbooks and audio recordings to supercharge all areas of your business. We’ll be covering Mindset, Marketing, Business Planning, Financials, Sales, Audacious Culture and Leadership. We’re not leaving anything out, and we’ll dive deep into your social media platforms, how to hustle your own PR, Facebook Advertising, designing websites that covert, and so so much more
  • Bi-Monthly in-person implementation days where you’ll have the chance to implement everything you’ve learnt with Pru + the Mavericks on hand to help. This is the place to learn, grow your network, connect with your tribe, and build real, authentic connections to fast track your business success.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Pru and the Mavericks where you can sharp shoot your challenges, and pick our brains on your next steps.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing individual and group support, collaboration and inspiration.
  • A special, behind-the-scenes look at successful businesses (like Owners Collective) to help you power up your mojo
  • Full six months access to Hustlers Assembly. Because we want you to have every opportunity for success you’ll also get access to additional networking, profile building and all the new + existing education within our Hustlers Assembly site.
  • A complete set of Business Templates you’ll need to grow your empire: This is jam packed with goodness including Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Social Media Scheduler, Cashflow Forecast, and a tonne more.


  • High-End Hustlers is an application-based program with a strictly limited number of places available.


  • Profit is important (that’s a given) but we’re about way more than that.  We’re about connectedness and community where you’ll harness the resources, wisdom, collective ideas and support of like-minded individuals, to which you are held accountable, in order to speed up your path to success.


Ready to up-level your business game…fast?

In a one-on-one full day session our Head Hustler Pru Chapman will hone in on the beating heart of your business, get your laser clear on what you stand for and dial in your business growth strategy.  You’ll get clarity on your product, your pricing and a game plan moving forward for the next 12 months.  Not only that, Pru will help you map out your financial projections so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence, and a rock solid plan.


  • Cool creatives + Business Owners ready to blow up their offering, and their impact.
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to fine tune their product or service, implement systems, get clarity on their financials and dial in a clear roadmap for growth.
  • Startups with BIG vision.
  • Talented professionals who want to become inspiring and disruptive leaders.


  • One-on-one Full Day Session with Pru:
    Held either face-to-face or on skype, Pru bring years of experience in working with thousands of entrepreneurs to the the table. Her psychology background, business smarts, and huge range of industry experience means she can tap right in to what drives you and what your business needs to propel you forward.
  • Pre-Session Questionnaire:
    Prior to your session you’ll be required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire regarding you and your business.  Pru will review this prior to your session to ensure that your time on the day the most productive it can be.
  • Financial Projections: 
    In addition you’ll also be required to provide basic financials so that on the day you + Pru can map out a comprehensive plan to ensure your business growth is sustainable and profitable moving forward.
  • Comprehensive Game Plan: 
    Move forward with clarity and confidence as Pru helps you map out your products, pricing, team, systems and marketing for the year ahead.  With this in hand you’ll be unstoppable!


  • $4000 + gst for the full day (includes 30 days ongoing phone support)


  • The fastest and most robust way to grow a business is to have a mentor onboard.  Someone who has the industry knowledge and experience you lack, to guide you through the journey of building your empire. With Pru, you’ll learn how to cultivate purpose, passion and a plan, you’ll discover the modern competitive edge of of your unique offering and you’ll hone your disruptive thinking powers to get you and your business on point. You’ll become the business you can’t help but be proud of.


  • Pru supported us at lululemon by delivering a dynamic session to our most senior people leaders in a small group offsite –these managers are already extraordinary humans so it was a solid request to have her shift them to another level – she totally nailed it. We briefed her around prioritization and building capacity and she delivered a dynamic and totally relevant session. What we love about Pru is that she has an energy about her that is infectious, she connected to the group quickly and can adapt to get the session to the right place in the end. Pru spent the afternoon contributing to the rest of our content (just because she had some free time), bringing so much insight, coaching and value and she was part of the team by the end of the day!

    Brooke Franklin
    Area Director Australia
    lululemon athletica

  • I am extraordinarily grateful that Pru Chapman and I crossed paths when we did. Engaging Pru to mentor and assist us through a significant growth spurt for both our companies, still – to date, is one of the best business decisions we have made. Pru expertly fielded queries we had through this tricky transition, held us accountable to developmental targets and inspired us to lift our game to heights we didn’t think possible. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience and has a beautiful style that royally kicks your ass – all done with a motivational elegance and panache.

    Pru has also really helped me to fulfil my personal mission to prove to the world that it is possible to own two wildly successful businesses, designed to nurture and encourage creative talent, while simultaneously enjoying being a wife and mother of two beautiful boys.

    Lara Allport
    The National Grid + The Drawing Arm

  • I came across Pru by chance. At the time, I didn’t even realise that I needed a business mentor. We chatted for a little over 20mins and I instantly realised how much I needed her in my life and how crazy I was to not have found her already. Her infectious enthusiasm, obvious expertise and incredible passion for all things business and personal growth was exactly what my business craved. Pru helped me take Smack Bang Designs and my own sense of self to the next level. Over the years, she has become an extension of business, pushing and stretching me to greater things, things beyond my wildest dreams. She has helped me fast-track my own independence, leadership and entrepreneurialism fastest that I ever thought possible. The best thing about Pru is that she is genuinely focused on bringing out the best in you and your business, and she is darn good at it. She has helped me navigate the murkiest of waters with grace, understanding, empowerment and a whole lotta a heart, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    Tess Robinson
    Owner + Creative Director
    Smack Bang Designs

  • The Owners Collective Mastermind is unlike any business program that I have experienced. Pru Chapman has created something truly amazing. This course will help you find clarity, purpose and set your soul on fire. It is not for the faint hearted, it is challenging and thought provoking but it will have you kicking those entrepreneurial goals (small or big). It has changed the way I think about my business, I feel refreshed, driven and on purposes. I am clear in my goals and I am ready. Thank you Pru Chapman and your team of Mavericks.

    CEO + Chief Creator
    Meet Make Create

  • Where to start! I have been absolutely astonished with the enormous effect that the business mastermind course has had on my jewellery business. Everything about the course has been designed to help me succeed. The Mavericks have been full of wisdom and insider knowledge on how to develop each area of my business. The course has helped me so immensely with my business planning, vision, branding, website & social media! The weekly coaching calls are so useful to discuss the weeks coursework & get some real in depth answers to my questions. The other amazing part of the course is the closed Facebook group where I have met lots of like minded business owners and entrepreneurs – which has been a great place to bounce ideas around and ask questions not only of Pru and the weekly Mavericks but of the other course members. I am externally pleased with the course and would not hesitate to recommend it to business owners who have a passion and drive to develop their business.

    Owner + Head Jeweller
    Spindrift Collections

  • We cannot speak highly enough of the business coaching that we have received from Pru. She came in and got to know us, our business and subsequently her coaching has been tailored to help us reach our specific goals (which we are checking off one after another). Pru literally paid for herself in the first couple of weeks, through helping us to increase our membership base, but more importantly she has helped us to attain a work/life balance. Achieving this balance reminded us of why we got into CrossFit coaching and why it is a blessing to own your own business. We are happier, more motivated, less stressed and financially better off as a result of your coaching. We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us in the future.

    Owners + Head Trainers
    Crossfit Ballina

  • I’ve just been on the most amazing business bootcamp of my life and it’s all thanks to the incredible Pru Chapman and the Owners Collective. I cannot recommend OC Mastermind enough – it has changed my life! As a one woman band launching headlong into two businesses, I felt like I was swimming way out of my depth. My head was littered with unanswered questions on a daily basis and I felt disconnected. I knew I had the potential to achieve my goals but I really needed support and direction – the Owners Collective gave me all of that and more. Pru and the rockstar mavericks opened their arms and took me through my entrepreneurial paces, making me dig into my ‘why’ and helping me to align my goals with my true purpose as well ticking off everything from social media and branding to PR and the nitty gritty financials. This course is like intense interval training for your mind, your soul and your bottom line. Jump into it and get training – you’ll love it!

    Jacquline Jubb
    Founder + Chief Wordsmith
    Florence in Heels

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