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A step by step guide to launching your business like a total "Legend".

Ever dreamt of launching your own business?

You're ready to take the leap, and turn your idea into an empire, but there's just one problem...you don't know how.

So we're launching a FREE 10 Day Launching Legends Throw Down for the insider walk through in what you need to do to quit your day job and kick-start you own game changing gig!

You'll get access to EIGHT game-changing Video Trainings, live Q+A sessions, downloadable kickstart guides, and a community of action takers to take you from desk job zero to self-employed hero! 

Here's what you'll get:

  •  Training Video 1: The Essential Phases of Business> 
  •  Training Video 2: Road Testing Your Idea
  •  Training Video 3: Think BIG, Think Small, Think Different
  •  Training Video 4: Real Life Startup Story (from your favourite Influencers)
  •  Training Video 5: Dialing in Your Dream Team 
  •  Training Video 6: Making Money
  •  Training Video 7: Real Life Startup Story (from your favourite Influencers)
  •  Training Video 8: Creating Killer Sales Funnels

Strap in, because this is the ULTIMATE guide to launching your own gig with CONFIDENCE, CHARISMA and PURPOSE.

This is what we'll be throwing down!



Successful Start Ups

Ever wanted to get the dirt on what it really takes to start up successfully?

Hear from your favourite Influencers who have launched + leveraged their own game-changing gig's.

 Find out what they wish they'd known, what htey know now, and how to know when to go all in.

Pru Chapman

>> PHASE 2

Road Test Your Idea

In these dynamic sessions, we'll jam on whether your idea will stick or stink.

Does it have what it takes to launch you into the big league, or should you jump ship before it belly flops? 

We'll guide you through a simple yet powerful process to find out!

Business Blueprint

>>>PHASE 3

Business Blueprint

A step by step on all the juice you need to launch your legendary biz. 

In these video's we'll go through who you need on your dream team, the ins and outs of your business registration, legal, financials, marketing and a whole lot more.

This will save you weeks of fumbling around in the dark!

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for this program now and I'll send you my One Page Yearly Marketing Planner straight away. 


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